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New Channel Media is proud to partner with Vector Sports Management

Professional racers require professional, experienced management. Vector Sports Management takes the concept further:
We are in business to drive your success and this is where New Channel Media and Vector Sports Management are perfectly aligned.

At Vector, the focus is on building careers, brands, and relationships. The team promotes partner's brands across a broad cross-section of formulas and classes, on two wheels as well as four. The priority is delivering the best possible exposure for every investment, with a carefully selected panel of racers who have been developed in to perfect ambassadors for our sport.
Your story is your brand. New Channel Media tells the story for drivers, teams, and sponsors.

With 30 years of success in private sector sales, marketing, and communications, New Channel Media works with athletes, teams, and sponsors to generate awareness, popularity and demand. You benefit from a unique blend of skills: world class photojournalism, commercial expertise, and a passion for developing your path to success.

We are delighted to be partnering with Marc Cox and Vector Sports Management.
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